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Reviews for Where the Heart Is

EbieGAL 2007.07.17 - 10:34PM 21: Where the Heart Is Signed
I loved, loved, loved this story! It was so well written, especially the steamy sex scenes!!

melissa758470 2006.09.30 - 07:14PM 21: Where the Heart Is Signed
that was really good.

seventonks 2006.01.31 - 06:13PM 21: Where the Heart Is Signed
i agree with Black Spot

seventonks 2006.01.31 - 06:09PM 20: The Final Battle Signed

seventonks 2006.01.31 - 05:55PM 16: Beginning Ceremonies Signed
i like, i like! last few chapters were excellent!

seventonks 2006.01.31 - 03:25PM 4: A True Nightmare Signed
i have to say, you have a good plot here, but you need to polish it. it's a rough diamond right now. lol. your dialogue is a little formal. very good.

seventonks 2006.01.31 - 03:15PM 2: The Unusual Gift Signed
just one thing " poisoness" should be spelled poisonous. good work

Black Spot 2005.10.30 - 02:42PM 21: Where the Heart Is Signed
I've read the story, from start to finish. On the whole, the story wasn't too bad - allowing that more recent books have scuppered parts of it. Other than the speech bits, which you must now be aware of, Snape's character went in and out in a lot of areas. No man should ever be snarky, while being passionately in love. Voldemort would have used his great ability at Legilimens on Cassandra, and being in lust with her, would not stop him double checking. At times I was bored, but I persevered. Please get a decent beta and do some radical re-writing in parts, and then I think the story could be salvaged. I do understand as it was a first attempt, but I'm sure you could improve this a lot.

Black Spot 2005.10.29 - 04:02PM 2: The Unusual Gift Signed
I agree with the other review, but I was enjoying the story so much, I didn't notice. Oops.

Black Spot 2005.10.29 - 12:06PM 1: Many Meetings Signed
As your first fan-fic, this is very good. I'm going to read the rest anon.

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