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Sagacious 2007.09.23 - 05:45PM 1: Signed

Dawney11 2006.07.07 - 02:33PM 1: Signed
great story

Hermione Jane Snape 2006.06.18 - 12:24PM 1: Signed
Where is the story?

Subversa 2006.01.08 - 04:19AM 1: Signed
Okay, I need my silver hammer. Why can't that arse see that Maggie's reactions to his offer are about HERSELF and not about HIM? Dammit, Severus Snape, I love you, but you're a real shit, sometimes. I know he can help her more than her Muggle doctors are helping her.

Please tell me that the wrath of Snape is going to fall on the Denbrows, and that Maggie and Mikayla will be safe and warm and well fed, and that Severus will be well-shagged and well loved.

You know I don't mean it. I don't want to know how the story ends before we get there. Tell it to me any way you wish. I am simply happy to immerse myself in your world and to learn each detail as it falls from your lips.

Domino 2006.01.02 - 06:03PM 1: Signed

Domino 2006.01.02 - 05:59PM 1: Signed
Wow, awesome story

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