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obscenecupcake 2012.04.05 - 07:25PM 1: Signed
"Master and Man" was brilliant. I absolutely love the parting line where severus shows he is smart enough to lie to a master when needs be, and goes further by proving his master has his heart (or his balls anyways) by destorying the old ring.

lovegrenade 2011.11.22 - 02:03PM 1: Signed
cool story.

Marissa 2011.04.11 - 05:53AM 1: Anonymous
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warren 2011.04.11 - 05:12AM 1: Anonymous
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Luis 2011.04.11 - 05:12AM 1: Anonymous
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Maria 2011.03.30 - 12:02PM 1: Anonymous
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Sarah 2011.03.30 - 12:00PM 1: Anonymous
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LadyNeysa89 2010.12.12 - 08:15PM 1: Signed

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